Lake Yard Swimming Pool & Contracting LLC

Who We Are

We have a total of over 40 years’ experience in pool, landscaping and interior/outdoor design.

We have become a premier designer and builder of innovative, beautiful and highly functional backyards spaces, as well as interior designs for villas.

With a passion for innovation and creativity, we design and build stunning and unique pools, landscaping, outdoor spaces, and interiors.

Our philosophy is to use the best quality materials, artisan craftsmanship, and cutting edge designs to meet the unique requirements of our infinitely varied clientele. We build healthy, comfortable, safe, beautiful and sustainable environments that meld beauty with cost efficiency.

All of our designs are custom made to meet each client’s individual tastes, needs, and budget.

We create livable beauty


At Lakeyard Pools Landscape and Maintenance, our mission is to help improve and protect our client’s property values by designing and building unique and livable pools and outdoor spaces, combining this with sound environmental practices and fair prices. Our caring and knowledgeable teams of professionals have over 40 years of experience combining the fields of art and science into designing and building pools and landscapes.


At Lakeyard Pools, Landscape and Maintenance, our vision is to grow and expand our service offerings throughout the United Arab Emirates and the GCC region. In order to accomplish our vision and better serve our clients and community, our employees are continuously provided with the latest in pool and landscape equipment and technology as well as management support and encouragement in continuing professional growth. This includes educational and training opportunities that are focused on all aspects of pool and landscape design and construction such as landscape architecture, horticulture, project management, team building and leadership skills. We further achieve our vision by providing our employees with a business environment that cultivates a sense of family, community, teamwork and advancement opportunities that promotes long-term employee retention and loyalty.

Our clients experience this high level of professionalism as we design and build their projects utilizing the finest construction techniques and sustainable best practices in horticultural and environmental design. This enables us to design and build our clients their prefect outdoor space, while preserving the environment and using their money and resources the most efficiently. This has the added effect of increasing curb appeal and adding to the value of the property.